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The Drop Podcast: Series One ‚Äď All episodes available now! ‚ú®ūüéß

Welcome to The Drop, a new and exciting podcast, brought to you by Teoxane UK, where we drop the T on all things aesthetics!

Follow us on this exciting and empowering journey, celebrating the essence of beauty. 

On each episode we bring on a guest with a unique perspective on aesthetic treatments, including experts from within the industry as well as people who have had these treatments for themselves and discuss what their experience was like.

Coming up in this series we sit down with Dr Wassim Taktouk, Dr Bibi Ghalaie, Dr Ashwin Soni and Nurse Practitioner Rachel Fox and her patient Jenni Newton to discuss things like is there a place for aesthetic treatments in the wellness conversation? Is there a right time to start aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers an toxin? How can aesthetics be used in a truly impactful way in specific medical cases? And a deep dive into the part these treatments played as part of a patient's gender transitioning journey.

Join us as we answer some of the most burning questions around these treatments, and perhaps, some questions you may not have even known you have!



Episode 1 - Wellness & Aesthetics 

To kick start this series on wellness & aesthetics, we sit down to discuss with Dr Wassim Taktouk from The Taktouk Clinic in Knightsbridge about his thoughts on non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers and toxin and whether they can play a part in the self-care conversation. 

Dr Taktouk also gives us an insight into what his patients are coming into clinic for and the reasons that they are turning to aesthetics.


Podcast Episode 1 Cover with Dr Wassim


Episode 2 -  Jenni's Story 

This week we are excited to welcome aesthetic nurse Rachel Fox from the Tinkable Clinic and her patient Jenni Newton to discuss Jenni's journey with aesthetic treatments as part of her transitioning journey.

Jenni opens up to us about how she came to find Rachel and the treatments that she has had at the clinic to help with feminizing her features and we discuss how important this has been for her since she started her transitioning journey back in 2020. 

 Rachel also gives some great advice and tips for those who may be looking to do something similar and where to find the right practitioner for you! 

The Drop Podcast - Episode 2 - Front cover



Episode 3 - Beyond Skin Deep 

On this weeks episode of the drop we had a chance to sit down and talk to Dr Bibi Ghalaie from the Dr Bibi Clinic and discuss a different side to aesthetic treatments and how they can be used in a really impactful and life-changing way for specific medical cases. 

Dr Bibi introduced us to her Cleft Lip Initiative, through which she offers patient’s who have previously had cleft lip/palette surgeries treatments with dermal fillers to correct asymmetry and scarring, with some incredible results. 

The Drop Podcast - Episode 3 front cover


Episode 4 - When is the right time to start aesthetic treatments? 

To close off our first mini series of The Drop, we invited Dr Ash Soni of the Soni Clinic to come and discuss all things age related when it comes to aesthetic treatments!

We discussed things like is it ever too late to start having aesthetic treatments? Are there any treatments that you may see more effective anti-ageing effects from by starting them earlier? And Ash talks about some of the patients that he sees in his own clinic and if age plays a part in the types of treatments they are having during their journey with aesthetics.

The Drop Podcast - Episode 4 front cover



If you've been following along, thank you for being part of this incredible journey. If you haven't had a chance to dive into our series yet, now's the perfect moment to catch up on all the fantastic episodes.

Don‚Äôt miss out on the journey, hit the¬†listen¬†button and be a part of The Drop Podcast family! ‚ú®ūüéß



The contents of this podcast represent the views, thoughts, and opinions of the speakers personally, and not those of Teoxane. For more information, please visit