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How To Choose The Right Dermal Filler Practitioner For You

So, you’ve decided that you want dermal fillers. The next logical step in your dermal fillers journey is to choose an injector to treat you. At Teoxane, we know that choosing a practitioner can be daunting. With so many factors to think about – safety, results, price, location etc. – it can feel like you’re trying to navigate a minefield. With top ups and future procedures a possibility, this practitioner could potentially be in your life for a long time, so it’s vital to do your research and to find a health care professional team that will work for you. Teoxane are here to help. We have gathered together a list of our top priorities to look for when researching and eventually choosing your injector.


When searching through the sea of aesthetic injectors, make sure to do your research. Check their website, social media profiles and any reviews. Look for a practitioner that will choose a premium dermal filler product that respects the movements and dynamics of your face. 

Natural Dermal Filler Results

If natural-looking outcomes are important to you, it is worth researching a practitioner that offers aesthetic results that align to your beauty vision. The highly scientific dermal filler products in the market have taken measures to develop dermal fillers that can be tailored specifically for the needs of every individual - so if you choose your practitioner and dermal filler according to expertise, natural-looking results should be easily achievable.

Examples of Dermal Filler

Many injectors post before and after images on their website and social media. These are a good place to start when deciding whether an injector will be able to give you the outcomes that you desire - additionally, if you find a practitioner you like, they usually will have cases to show you in the consultation to offer an overview of their aesthetic results. 

A Dermal Filler Consultation

Your consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your treatment at length and ask any questions you may still have. Your practitioner can give you detailed responses that help clarify the things you are worried about, or need more information on. The consultation also provides the practitioner an opportunity to review your needs person, and ensure that you are suitable for the treatment you want - or that it is possible to achieve your desired outcomes. If not, your practitioner may discuss alternative treatments.


Find A Dermal Filler Practitioner

Even with these priorities in mind, it’s still difficult to find a practitioner that ticks all the boxes. Teoxane have tried to take the guess work out of finding an injector, and have created a Find a Practitioner tool that will help to make the process easier. Our tool enables you to find practitioners in your area, trained by Teoxane with products that are suitable for the areas of the face that you want treated.

Find A Practitioner, Here